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Sherpa platform supports Instagram Advertising

9 September 2015
D.A.Consortium Inc.
Torchlight Inc.


Sherpa platform supports Instagram Advertising

– Torchlight Inc. (Japan), has been selected among the few developers with initial access to Instagram Ads API –


Torchlight Inc. (henceforth Torchlight – Head Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; President & CEO: Takeshi Yabuki), a consolidated subsidiary of D.A.Consortium (henceforth DAC – Head Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; President & CEO: Hirotake Yajima) is selected among the few developers worldwide with access to the Instagram Ads API that allowed to equip its in-house developed advertising management platform “Sherpa” with Instagram advertising and reporting functionality.

Instagram, with its emphasis on mobile and having yield impressive results on brand focused advertising, through its Ads API will now allow on its stream direct response advertising. Brands, e-commerce sites and Mobile app developers that utilized up to now Facebook advertising to attain their marketing goals, will now be able to further increase their reach using Instagram advertising side-by-side with Facebook.

Torchlight’s social media advertising platform Sherpa being trusted by some of the largest global brands for their advertising efforts on both Facebook and Twitter within Japan, by integrating Instagram among its offers will further support advertisers on reaching their brand and direct response advertising objectives. The interest from the existing client base has been extremely encouraging, and as up to now, we look forward to continue delivering exceptional results within Instagram.




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Company Details

■ Torchlight Inc.
President & CEO: Takeshi Yabuki
Head Office: YGP Tower 34F, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Established: October 2008
Business Details: Advertising agency;Sherpa; Advertising management; Gigya operations.


Torchlight Inc.
Contact Person: Keita Mihara
TEL: 03-5447-7160
E-mail: info@torchlight.co.jp